synAllergy Testing Assist Service

Improving the quality and continuity of care for your patients and offering convenient, in-office allergy testing and customized immunotherapy options to the patients who rely on you for treatment.

We want to improve the quality and continuity of care for your patients. With the allergy testing services provided through synAllergy, you can bring convenient, in-office allergy testing and customized immunotherapy options to the patients who rely on you for treatment. Allergies account for 15 million patient visits annually across the US—our testing and treatments options can offer help to both your patients and your practice.

The synAllergy Process

Identifying and testing for specific allergies doesn’t have to be a frustrating and difficult ordeal for both you and your patients. At synAllergy, we have developed a simple three-step Allergy Immunotherapy process with our synAllergy Assist Service. There is no need to refer patients to a specialist—you can do your allergy testing and treatment in your primary care office from now on, with our convenient allergy testing solution. The Assist Service is designed to offer minimum complexity and workload to the practice.

Step 1: Skin Allergy Testing

When your patient’s clinical history, survey results or complaint indicates the need for a skin allergy test, look to synAllergy for an easy and simple solution. The testing process only takes about 25- 30 minutes total time. Utilizing prefilled tray with applicators that apply 10 tests at one time a simple scratch test is performed taking only 10 -15 minutes of your MA, LPN or RN’s time. The remaining 15 minutes consists of patient wait time for a reaction to occur. Apart from exam gloves and alcohol pads, synAllergy provides all allergy testing supplies needed. The patient is tested for the most common food allergies, as well as environmental allergies–which are adjusted regionally for trees, weeds, grasses, animals, insects, and molds.

Step 2: Provisioning

Based on the patient history and the results of the test, the physician may choose to prescribe immunotherapy. With our Assist Service, synAllergy prepares a customized provisioning formula for the patient’s immunotherapy. Once the formulation is approved we will then compound the serum and then overnight, it to your practice. This provision is ordered online—cutting time and increasing convenience for both physician and patient.

Step 3: Immunotherapy

To further assist your primary care practice in delivering quality treatment to your patients, synAllergy also provides injection administration schedules. With just 15 minutes of post-injection observation time, your patients and medical staff can enjoy a fast and easy treatment option. For the ‘Build Up Phase’, injections are between 2 to 10 days apart. For the ‘Maintenance Phase’, they extend out to 4 weeks apart. As with the testing process, synAllergy provides the allergy serum supplies as part of the program—you just need sharps, exam gloves, and alcohol pads.

synAllergy Testing Panels

Our standard panel tests for 58 environmental allergens and 18 food allergies. The environmental panels are modified according to the geography of your area. The food panels consist of the most common food allergies. The environmental panel tests for allergies to various types of trees, common weeds, various species of grasses, dust mites, animals, and bugs. Additionally, it also tests for a number of different types of dangerous molds. Remember, with the assist service, synAllergy provides the test trays and applicators.


With the synAllergy Assist option, there is minimal workload to your practice. We provide the allergy testing supplies, a customized immunotherapy formula/serum, and the injection schedule. Your staff tests the patient, administers the injections and handles billing for services. Your billing department submits a claim to the patient’s medical plan for the skin allergy test, preparation for the provision, and injections. We recommend a conservative approach to billing and are proud of our transparent process with each practice we work with. We would be happy to answer any questions you may have.


Elevate Your Allergy Testing and Treatment with synAllergy

Immunotherapy has been in clinical use for almost 100 years. As a highly effective treatment, it is time-tested, widely accepted and used as an overall disease-modifying treatment. Your patients trust you to provide them with the best care possible. Don’t send them to a specialist for injections anymore. Keeping their comfort and convenience in mind will only improve the doctor-patient relationship you have already built with them.

With the synAllergy assist program, allow us to provide your practice with allergy skin testing supplies, individualized immunotherapy serums, and injection schedules. We offer hands-on or web-based allergy skin testing training to your staff and you choose the level of service you are comfortable with. synAllergy currently provides allergy services for physician’s offices in many states across the US. Contact us today for more information on how you can get started with the smart and convenient synAllergy Assist Service today!