synAllergy is the realization of a vision by the leaders of an independent family practice clinic. As primary care providers, they had a passion for continuing to elevate the quality and convenience of care for their patients through the addition of new point of care services. They also recognized the importance of positioning their practice for future success in the light of declining reimbursements and increasing operating costs.

After hiring a provider with extensive allergy experience, they developed and and engineered the processes for delivering skin allergy testing and immunotherapy services within their clinic. It quickly became a natural addition to their existing ancillary services. They also quickly learned that their patients appreciated the ability to be treated for allergies at their office vs at a specialist’s office.

Through word of mouth, many of the primary care physicians in their local community began to ask them for their help to provide skin allergy testing and immunotherapy services within their practice. As these requests grew, synAllergy was formed to meet this demand and has been growing ever since.