synAllergy Turnkey Service

Providing the testing panels, immunotherapy formulary, and injection schedules, so you can continue to provide wonderful care to your patients.

At synAllergy, we strive to provide the best allergy testing for primary care physicians. The quality of care for your patients is important to us. With our allergy skin testing, training and formulas for immunotherapy provisions, our Turnkey Allergy Testing Services are a great option for your practice. Allergic rhinitis accounts for more than 4 million missed days of work and 2 million missed days of school. Get your patients tested and treated in-office faster, with our customized formulas that you prepare for their convenience.

The Turnkey Allergy Testing Solutions Process

Allergies are such a common occurrence, imagine the convenience that you can offer your patients by testing and treating them in your office—instead of referring them to an Allergist. The Turnkey option is for practices who want to provide and maintain their own testing trays and formulate serums in their own office. synAllergy provides the testing panels, immunotherapy formulary, and injection schedules. You continue to provide wonderful care to your patients.

Step 1: Skin Allergy Testing

When a patient presents with allergies, the next step may be a skin-scratch allergy test. With the Turnkey Service, your practice fills and maintains your own test trays with supplies purchased at a discounted price because of synAllergy volume agreements with suppliers. Including patient wait time and the completion of the test report, the entire testing process only takes about 25 – 30 minutes. Patients are tested for environmental allergies—customized for the region your practice is located in as well as food allergies optionally.

Step 2: Provisioning

After testing, if immunotherapy is prescribed, the practice would enter the test results into the synAllergy web-based portal. Based on the type of therapy ordered (injection or sublingual), we will provide a customized provisioning formula for your patient’s immunotherapy and you prepare that provision in your office. Refrigerated until the patient’s immunotherapy appointment, you don’t have to worry about shipping or formulation delays allowing to provide the therapy quickly once ordered.

Patients will return for injections on a periodic basis or for sublingual therapy a 3 month supply will be sent home with the patient.

Step 3: Immunotherapy

For patients receiving subcutaneous therapy synAllergy provides an injection schedule for your patient. Injections are typically administered by a nurse, MA or LPN, according to the injection schedule. The patient waits for only 15 minutes for post-injection observation and can continue with their day! We recommend injections are given between 2 to 10 days apart for the ‘Buildup Phase’. Once completed, patients can move into ‘Maintenance Phase’ with injections eventually spreading to 4 weeks apart.

Patients receiving Sublingual therapy will receive a 3 month supply of the serum in a dropper bottle to be self administered 3 times a day orally.

synAllergy Testing Panels

Instead of sending your patients to a specialist, synAllergy provides allergy testing for your primary care office. Our test panels consist of 18 of the most common food allergies as well as 58 environmental allergens. Adjusting to the geography of your area, this environmental allergen testing checks for reactions to animals, such as dogs, cats, bugs and dust mites. It also tests for reactions to many forms of mold, various types of weeds and species of grasses, as well as numerous varieties of trees. Our database will provide the customized formula for your patient—and you prepare and provide the allergy serum on site.


When it comes to allergy testing kits for physicians, we understand that your level of need is individual to your practice. With the synAllergy Turnkey option, we provide the testing panel, customized formulary, and injection schedule. Your staff fills your own allergy skin testing trays, tests the patient, prepares the serum, administers injections and handles billing for your services. Your billing department will submit claims to the patient’s medical plan for the skin scratch test, the preparation of provision and injections. We are not like other allergy testing companies—we are proud of our transparent process and a conservative approach to billing. synAllergy works hard to maintain integrity and trust with each of our primary care practices. If you have any questions, please reach out to us.


Choose synAllergy For Your In-Office Testing and Immunotherapy Needs

Your patients come to you for help with their health. Allergies are the 5th most common chronic disease across all ages. synAllergy allows you to give your patients a more convenient way to test and treat allergies. Immunotherapy is a disease-modifying treatment that has been in clinical use for almost 100 years. It is accepted, widely-used and time-tested with excellent efficacy. Don’t send your patients out your doors to an Allergist anymore, administer your own testing and immunotherapy at your primary care practice.

The synAllergy Turnkey option provides testing panels, immunotherapy formularies and injection schedules for your team. While you purchase and prepare the allergy testing and serum formulation supplies, we provide the training and an easy to use formulation process! With our web-based or hands-on allergy testing training, your staff will be fully prepared to get started with your in-office testing and formulation services. Serving multiple states across the US, we can assist your practice. Contact us today to begin offering this convenient treatment option to your patients.