synAllergy helps primary care providers install and deliver with great ease, efficiency, and safety skin allergy testing and immunotherapy services.

What are the benefits to primary care providers?

  1. Provides the ability to enhance the quality, outcomes, continuity, and convenience of care for your patients with seasonal and or perennial allergies
  2. Increases patient satisfaction, visits and retention
  3. Requires no new staff or added work space
  4. Can be seamlessly integrated into your existing work-flow
  5. Boosts your practice income day one through 3 new and high margin revenue streams

What are the benefits to patients?

  1. Offers greater convenience and reduced cost vs receiving skin allergy testing and immunotherapy services at a specialist’s office
  2. Covered by the vast majority of health care plans, providing patients with low out of pocket expenses
  3. Reduces reliance on and out of pocket expenses for Rx and non-Rx allergy medications.