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Turn-key allergy services for the busy primary care provider


We have been doing allergy testing through synAllergy for about 6 months now. I have to admit, I am impressed. Our patients are more than pleased with the new service available to them, and the health of our patients with allergies has improved as well. We have received support from synAllergy every step of the way: from education, to implementation, to billing and documentation. This has been a truly worthwhile endeavor.  Thanks, synAllergy!
Dominic Sciamanda, D.O.MCH Professional Arts, Erie, PA

Why Partner With synAllergy?

  • We know and understand the primary care environment

  • We offer a simple turn-key system that was developed specifically for use by primary care providers

  • We provide our customers with clinical support from a board certified allergist and pediatrician

  • Our service fees afford our customers with high profit margins

  • We listen and respond to our customers and are committed to continuous quality improvement