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We provide accurate, safe, and reliable allergy testing and treatments for your patients and pride ourselves in offering the best quality of care to you and your patients for the relief of Allergy symptoms.

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Why Partner With synAllergy?

Skin Allergy Test Kits

Having customized immunotherapy available to your allergy patients is not a time consuming or complicating the process. We will train your staff on how to use our allergy skin testing supplies. Practices based on results can recommend therapy or avoidance.

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Assist Service

With the allergy testing services provided through synAllergy, you can bring convenient, in-office allergy testing and customized immunotherapy options to the patients who rely on you for treatment. The synAllergy Assist service provides an easy to implement program with minimal complexity, workload and upfront cost.

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Turnkey Service

Designed for practices that wish more control over the entire process. With our allergy skin testing, training and formulas for immunotherapy provisions, our Turnkey Allergy Testing Services are a great option for your practice. synAllergy will train the practice on how to convert our easy to follow formularies into customized serums. Get your patients tested and treated in-office faster, with our customized formulas that you prepare for their convenience.

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We have been doing allergy testing through synAllergy for about 6 months now. I have to admit, I am impressed. Our patients are more than pleased with the new service available to them, and the health of our patients with allergies has improved as well. We have received support from synAllergy every step of the way: from education, to implementation, to billing and documentation. This has been a truly worthwhile endeavor.  Thanks, synAllergy!
Dominic Sciamanda, D.O.MCH Professional Arts, Erie, PA